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Developed by dermatologists, this deep moisturization formula repair and softens dry hands. The Argan oil hand and nail balm moisturize your hands while Argania Spinosa kernel oil and other ingredients support your nails. Soothe your very dry hands and strengthen your nails with this hand and nail balm. The revolutionary formula with herbal extracts, combined with Argan oil helps to protect even the most severely dry skin of the hands. Created to aid the natural healing process of the skin, this hydrating balm utilizes the advantages of Argan oil in an effortless way. Keep your hands soft and smooth with Argan oil hand and nail balm. The healing benefits of the balm absorb into the nail plate, reduce hang nails, promote nail growth, and strengthen the nails, while restoring the natural flexibility. It is combination of natural extracts that increases the moisture level of the nails by alleviating dryness.

The instant relief hand and nail balm is specially designed to whiten dark and brown spots while providing intensive moisturization for the soft and smooth skin. It is an intensive moisture repair therapy for ultimate hydration. Infused with essential vitamins, nourishes and hydrates, leaving hands feeling softer and smoother than ever before. Fortified intense strengtheners penetrates the nails, soften nail cuticles, and dry, ragged edges. An extra rich moisturizing formula conditions and add softness to the skin as well as provides protection against future nail breakage. Especially useful for those who use their hands a lot by keeping nails flexible. Put your best hand forward with this hydrating hand and nail treatment. Filled with the anti-inflammatory power of Argan oil, it restores softness, which leads to smooth hands and soft cuticles at the same time. Say goodbye to dry hands and brittle nails with this exclusive product. It is extremely effective to heal dry hands and a new standard for boosting strengths of weakened nails.

The active ingredients

Long lasting moisturization for hands that quickly absorbed. Rosemary extract and natural vitamin E deeply moisturizes the skin, while Argan oil moisturizes cuticles and nails. 100% made from natural extracts, this refreshing hand and nail balm repairs even the most severely dry and damaged hands. This ultra rich Argan hand salve is developed and tested in cooperation with leading dermatologists. It is also enriched with Allantoin and Vitamin C that supports your natural skin health and promotes natural glow. With the goodness of papaya, you may achieve a miracle anti-aging effect for your hands. Beeswax protects the skin from dryness without discouraging its natural ability to breathe while Shea butter is a perfect hydrating agent. Apply the balm in circular massaging motions all over your hands to get the dream soft touch. Now don’t embarrass because of your dark hands and weak nails, flaunt them confidently with this life changing formula.

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