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Angispan TR 2.5mg

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About the drug:

Nitroglycerin, sold under brands such Angispan TR Tablets among several other trade names, is a nitrate drug that dilates (widens) blood vessels. Nitroglycerin oral will not relieve chest pain once it occurs. It is also not intended to be taken just before an exercise or sexual activity to prevent chest pain. This medicine may also be prescribed for other conditions not described here.
Uses if the drug:

Nitroglycerin in the oral form (sold under trade names Nitroglycerin, Angispan and several other names) is prescribed for the treatment of angina or chest pain in people with certain heart conditions (coronary artery disease). Angina occurs when the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and is more likely when the heart beats faster (such as during exercise or after eating).
Working of the drug:

Nitroglycerin oral works by reducing the heart’s need for oxygen by lowering the heart rate, especially during times when an angina attack is more likely to occur.

Angispan TR (timed release) tablets are manufactured by a well known pharmaceutical company, USV ltd, India. It is available on our website and you can buy Angispan TR 2.5 mg online from alldaychemist.com.
Dosage form and strengths:

Angispan TR is available in the form of tablets. It is available in following strength of the active ingredient like:
Angispan TR 2.5 mg
To buy Angispan TR 2.5 mg online, visit alldaychemist.com.

Before you take the drug:

• Do not take the drug if you:

 Are pregnant, trying to become pregnant
 Are breastfeeding

• Tell your doctor if you:

 Are taking Sildenafil or any other such medicine
 Have planned to receive any vaccine, then always consult with the doctor
 Have a history of stomach ulcers and bleeding
 Have liver disease
 Have a migraine headache
 Have kidney problems
 A bleeding or blood clotting disorder


How to use the drug?

Take Nitroglycerin oral (Nitroglycerin, Angispan) strictly according to your doctor’s direction or according to the instructions on the medication label. Do not alter the dosage unless your doctor advises you to do so. Also, do not take this medication after the prescribed period is over. All medications come with a patient leaflet. Refer the instructions on them for detailed information on that particular medication. Always store this medicine in a cool and dry place.

When to take the drug?

Use the tablets at about the twice each day, be it at any time of the day or as prescribed by your doctor. As soon as the signs of eczema flares up you should start using the product.

For how long to take it?

Take the drug as long as prescribed by your doctor. Ask your doctor about the time period for which the drug must be taken. Use the tablets every day continuously until your doctor tells you to discontinue.

In case you feel any discomfort due to overdose, you may need urgent medical attention. Even if you do not feel any symptoms of overdose, still go to the nearest hospital or call your doctor immediately.

Miss dose:

Take the dose as soon as you remember, and then go back to taking it as you would normally. If it is less than 12 hours of the next dose, do not take the dose you have missed. Do not double the dose to make up for the one that you overlooked.
Side effects of the drug:

Nitroglycerin oral usage can cause severe headache that can occur every time you use this medicine. Your doctor may recommend you an aspirin free pain killer such as acetaminophen. Other side effects include dizziness or mild headache. However, these are not all the side effects which you may get due to Nitroglycerin oral. There may be others. If you experience any serious side effect due to this medicine, get medical attention right away.
Common drug interactions:

Some medicines and Angispan TR may interfere with each other. You may have to stop taking one of the medicines if you are on a dose of Angispan TR:
• Advair Diskus (fluticasone / salmeterol)
• Aspirin Low Strength (aspirin)
• Vancomycin
• Fluconazole Coreg (carvedilol)
• Rifampin
• Coumadin (warfarin)
• Crestor (rosuvastatin)
• Pentamidine
• Fish Oil
• Imdur (Isosorbide Mononitrate)
• Cidofovir
• Mifepristone
• Neomycin
If you are taking any of these then tell your doctor and consult your doctor to get a full list of the drugs to be avoided.

Things to remember:

• Be sure to make all your appointment with your doctor so your progress can be checked
• If you ever go to the hospital, then inform the doctor that you are taking this medicine
• Do not give this medicine to anyone even if the symptoms are same

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