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Hair4U offers an excellent solution to prevent hair thinning and hair loss. This liquid solution promotes hair growth and stops further loss of hair. Those men and women who are suffering from thinning hair or baldness can use Hair4U lotion to encourage hair growth and strengthen hair follicles. This solution works by relaxing blood vessels thus boosting hair growth as well as preventing the scarring of the hair follicles.
What does Hair4U solution contain?

Hair4U solution has 2% minoxidil and 1.5% aminexil and both these active ingredients are effective to prevent female pattern baldness. Hair4U solution containing 5-10% minoxidil and 1.5% aminexil is developed to treat androgenic alopecia in men. It also contains alcohol (95% v/v equivalent to Absolute Alcohol 63% v/v).
Benefits of Hair4U skin lotion:

    It works to improve the hair condition
    It stops hair fall
    It relaxes blood vessels in the affected area
    It stimulates hair growth
    It prevents the scar of the hair follicles

Dosage and administration

Hair4U solution is made for external use only. You can use this treatment twice a day on the affected area or as per the direction of your physician. You have to clean and dry the scalp before applying the solution. It’s advised to use fingertips to facilitate drug application and, gently massage the scalp after the application of the Hair4U solution. Keep your hair dry for a few hours after applying the solution.

Hair4U solution is available in the forms of spray and dropper. Use spray at the center of the affected area. Spread the solution with fingertips. If you are using dropper then fill it to the 1 ml mark and then apply to the bald area.
Side effects of Hair4U Lotion:

Although the Hair4U solution is safe to use, there are some possible but rare side effects. Consult your doctor if you experience any of these side-effects of this hair growth solution.

    Pericardial effusion
    Increased blood creatinine and urea
    Topical headache
    Chest pain
    Skin inflammation
    Increased heart rate
    Inflammation of the pericardium

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