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Melalite Forte 4%  30 gm Cream

The combination of Glyceryl Mono Para Amino Benzoate and Hydroquinone in the medicine helps in reduction of production of melanin. It is because of melanin that the skin colour is brown. The more the melanin the darker is the skin colour. When the medicine is applied it reduces the production of melanin thus making the skin light in colour.

Osteofos 70mg Tablet  Sodium Alendronate

Sodium Alendronate manufactured under the brand names Fosamax, Osteofos (by Cipla) among several other trade names worldwide is used to treat or prevent osteoporosis caused by menopause or by taking steroids (both men and women).

Vitafizz Vitamin C

Vitafizz Vitamin C effervescent formula contains a high amount of Vitamin C to boost up the immune system and improves the overall condition of human organism. It contains only natural colorants and is suitable for diabetics too. So, if your body is lacking vitamin C, this product will surely help.

Vitafizz Plus

Vitafizz Plus provides the necessary daily dose of vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. It contains also minerals, which are chemical elements vital for our bodies for numerous biological and physiological processes essential for the maintenance of a good health. It enhances the immune system and improves the overall condition of human organism and is recommended for a dynamic, active lifestyle. Vitafizz Plus effervescent product contains only 100% natural colorants and is suitable for both hypertensives and diabetics.

Vitafizz Calcium

Vitafizz Calcium contains a high dose of calcium, which is essential for healthy bones. It also contains a high dose of vitamin C, which helps the absorption of calcium by the body and vitamin D3 crucial for proper fixing of the absorbed calcium into bone tissues. Vitafizz Calcium contains only 100% natural colorants and is suitable also for hypertensives and diabetics. It is the perfect blend of Calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 for better optimization of strong and healthy bones.

Slim Detox 200 ML

Slim & Detox weight loss & detox program contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to assist with weight loss when used with a healthy energy-controlled eating plan. It also helps to maintain healthy digestive function, helps relieve wind, constipation and symptoms of over-indulgence, and assists detoxification.

Herbal Tea Sleep

Herbal Tea Sleep is a combination of natural herbs that has been used since ages to promote relaxation and sleep.

Herbal Tea Flat belly

An aromatized Flat Stomach Tea preparation with enjoyable Tea sachets comprise of a graceful mix plants with aromatic qualities, recognized for their detoxifying, slimming properties to bring digestive comfort.

Herbal Tea Drainage

Herbal Tea Drainageis a commonly suggested natural home remedy for the better treatment of conditions like sinus congestion, drainage and sore throats. This type of remedy can improve the symptoms associated with sinus congestion but there is minimal evidence that suggests it can actually cure the underlying cause of the discomfort.