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9 PM Eye Drop

The active ingredients of the drug are Latanoprost &ndash; Benzalkonium Chloride. It is an antiseptic drug which prevents any kind of eye infection.<br />Uses of the drug

KAJAL (Himalaya)

A Kajal is considered as one of the main makeup essential product in almost every woman&rsquo;s bag. So it&rsquo;s important to outline your eyes properly. To enhance the beauty of your eyes try Himalaya Kajal today to give an intense look to your eyes. It is made of from 100% natural ingredients to give your eyes a dense look.


Travoprost is useful in treating high pressure in the eye. This elevated pressure in the eye can result in an illness called glaucoma. Travoprost is an active ingredient present in Travatan medicine.

Azopt Eye Drop

The active ingredient of the drug is Brinzolamide Opthalmic Suspension. It is an eye care medication.