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Levipil - 250mg

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About the drug:

The main ingredient of the drug is Levetiracetam, which is also known as anticonvulsant is an anti-epileptic drug.


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About the drug:

The main ingredient of the drug is Levetiracetam, which is also known as anticonvulsant is an anti-epileptic drug.
Uses of the drug:

It is used in the treatment of partial onset seizures in children above the age of 1 month and also in adults. It can also be used to treat tonic-clonic seizures in children above 6 years of age and in adults. The drug is also used to treat myoclonic seizures in adults and in children who are more than 12 year of age.
Working of the drug:

The medicine works by preventing the burst firing without affecting normal neuronal excitability.

The manufacturer of Levipil  - 250mg is Zydus Alidac, India. You can purchase Levipil  - 250mg online also.
Dosage form and strengths:

This drug is available in the tablet form in the following strength

    Levipil  - 250mg
    Levipil - 500mg
    Levipil - 750mg

Before you take this drug:
Do not take this drug if  you:

    Are allergic to the main ingredient of the drug or to any other ingredients of the drug.

Tell your doctor if you:

    Are suffering from kidney disease or high blood pressure
    Are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or breast feeding your baby.
    Are taking any other medicines so that he can check for any drug interaction.
    Are suffering from any other ailments.

How much to take the drug?

The recommended dose will be fixed by your doctor after taking into consideration several factors such as age, weight, response to treatment, severity of condition, drug interaction and so on. Usually the medicine is taken twice a day.
How to take the drug?

The medicine is to be taken with the help of a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food. The tablets should be swallowed as a whole and not broken or crushed.
For how long to take it?

The medicine is to be taken for the prescribed period of time as recommended by your doctor. You must not stop the medicine mid way.

Overdose of Levetiracetam may result in several side effects such as extreme drowsiness, agitation, shortness of breath, weakness, aggression, or fainting. Hence overdose of the medicine should be avoided. In case of overdose one must get medical attention as soon as possible.
Miss dose:

Missing a dose is not desirable. Taking the medicine at the same time everyday reduces chances of missing the dose. Take the missed dose as soon as you remember provided the time for the next dose is not near. In case the time for the next dose is near then you should skip the missed dose and follow the original schedule.
Side effects of the drug:

Some of the serious side effects of the medicine include:

    Extreme mood or behaviour changes
    Feeling agitated
    Suicidal thoughts

Get in touch with your doctor immediately in case you experience any of the side effects as above.

Apart from the above list you may experience some common side effects as well such as:

    Muscle weakness
    Appetite loss
    Stuffy nose
    Swelling in face
    Breathing difficulty
    Allergic reaction

This is not the complete list of side effects that may happen. There may be other side effects as well. In case the side effects persist for long then you must get medical attention as soon as you can.
Common drug interactions:

There are some drugs which may interact with Levetiracetam  and increase or decrease the working of the medicine. Such medicines should be avoided. Some of such medicines which if taken with Levetiracetam  may cause drug interaction are:

    Medications for insomnia
    Medications for anxiety
    Narcotic pain medications
    Muscle relaxants

Things to remember:

    Before the medicine is prescribed to you it is essential that you discuss your medical history with your doctor and also the medicines that you are taking currently.
    Taking the medicine may cause dizziness. Hence activity that requires high alertness such as operation of machines, driving etc should be avoided.
    Avoid consuming alcohol when you are taking the medicine as it may lead to several side effects.
    The medicine should be stored in a cool and dry place away from heat, light and moisture.
    Taking the medicine may in some cases lead to depression. Let your doctor know in case of any new or deteriorating symptoms such as depression, anxiety, extreme mood or behaviour change, irritability, hyperactivity etc.
    Tests on kidney may be conducted at regular intervals by your doctor to see if consuming the medicine is causing any harmful effect to the kidneys.
    Use the medicine only for the purpose mentioned and not for any other purpose.
    Do not share the medicine with anyone even if the person is suffering from the same symptoms.

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