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Herbal Tea Laxative

About the Herbal Tea Laxative:

Herbal Tea Laxativeis traditional is a Chinese formula which helps in promote regularity and provide gentle, effective overnight relief. These herbs were used to support digestive system function and promote the body's standard process of detoxification.

Mysoline - 250mg

About the drug:

Phenytoin is sold under several trade names such as Mysoline. It is prescribed for the control of various types of convulsions or epileptic seizures. Phenytoin  is often used in combination with other anti convulsant or anti seizure medications.

Dicorate ER - 125 mg

What is Divalproex Sodium?

Divalproex Sodium, also sold under several trade names such as Depakote ER and Dicorate ER (made by Sun Pharma is an anti convulsant medication that affects certain body chemicals that can cause seizures.